- Functional literacy, computer literacy and numeracy skills.
- Participatory methods in training, Monitory and Evaluation.
- IEC production and dissemination.
- Gender research and training.
- HIV/AIDS enlightenment and mitigation project
- Adolescent youth friendly services/Adolescent Reproductive Health.
- Mitigation projects
- Adolescent youth friendly services/ adolescent reproductive health;

• In schools youths outreach and trainings; is focused in empowering school youths on the basic facts of HIV/AIDS, transmission and prevention. Empowering youths on the need to choose abstinence as a basic tool for HIV/AIDS prevention. Teaching youths the basic life skills that enable them to cope with day to day stress, set goals, have values and vale clarifications, formation of HIV clubs, drama groups, using a behaviour change communication as a guide.
• Out of school youths outreach and trainings; It is focused on empowering out of school youths on the basic facts of HIV and AIDS, transmission and prevention. Educates youths on the need of abstinence and fidelity in HIV prevention.
Empowering youths with the basic life skills, that will enable them cope with day to day stress, set goals, and have values and values clarification using behaviour change communication.
-Community mobilization on environmental protection.
-A resource centre equipped with books, CDs and modern equipment for processing agricultural produce and energy saving devices