Our Vision

Less privileged communities, persons and self-help groups are strategically empowered to take up the development of themselves ultimately.

Our Mission

To promote a range of development activities that will not only make individual communities realise their naturally endowed resources/potentials but also use some so as to have a decent living and sense of dignity as human beings.

How We Operate

- Through the adoption of participatory and culturally sensitive methods in training/research/project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

- Community mobilization and active participation/involvement of community members in all that we do.

- Thrift/credit and cooperative activities.

- Newsletter production and dissemination.

- Networking and advocacy.

- Development Consultancies

Our Core Values 

  • Action oriented, problem-solving as opposed to only theorizing or paying lip service; being practical; best-practices and excellence in grassroots development centred on the people; and that functional literacy is key to any development effort;
  • Working with as opposed to working for the communities especially women, children and youth greater involvement of PLWHA, staying in the community and working with them;
  • Building the capacity of both CaRE-NGO, the communities we are working with and sister CBO/NGOs by lifting others up as we are also climbing greater heights in our endeavors;
  • Sustainability of any development effort, communities based activities/ projects;
  • Networking with sister NGOs/CBOs and other stakeholders for greater input and energy;
  • A holistic approach to development, rather than the atomistic type because development is encompassing and should be treated as such.

Our Networks

 CaRE-NGO Networks/collaborates with CSOs like CRUDAN, TMG, CBD-NGO Forum, Non-Governmental Association for Literacy Support Services (NOGALSS), Civil Society Action Committee on Education for All (CSACEFA) Civil Society on HIV/AIDs in Nigeria (CISHAN), Kaduna State Committee on Food and Nutrition and work with other civil society organizations in Nigeria.

Areas of Expertise

Action-oriented researches for development, direct intervention projects, community development, poverty alleviation strategies, peace-work environment, agriculture, education especially functional literacy and computer numeracy/literacy; population information, education and communication; HIV/AIDS enlightenment and mitigation strategies; adolescent reproductive health; participatory training and methodologies; gender research and training network; participatory project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; thrift/credit/cooperatives, appropriate technology and labour saving device, indigenous knowledge system; computer applications in development work and social research; capacity building for grassroots associations and development consultancy.